Hey Employers?! … Did you meet New York State mandatory training requirements to provide sexual harassment training to your employees?

May 20, 2019

It is important for every employer in New York State and New York City to be aware of their obligations under New York State Law effective October 9, 2018.  All New York State employers must provide an interactive sexual harassment prevention training to all their employees. A qualifying “employee” under this requirement includes all workers, regardless of immigration status. Employee also includes exempt or non-exempt employees, part-time workers, seasonal workers, and temporary workers.  All employees must complete the training by Oct. 9, 2019. Employees must be trained at least once per year. In subsequent years, this may be based on the calendar year, anniversary of each employee’s start date, or any other date the employer chooses.

We, at Law & Mediation PLLC, are providing Sexual Harassment Prevention training together with customized case scenarios which include nuances of sexual harassment as experienced in our clients’ industry. By doing this, employees can relate to the subject matter and have a greater chance of preventing complaints of sexual harassment, and others, to be filed.  Our extensive experience mediating claims involving sexual harassment and discrimination [Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and American’s with Disability Act (ADA)] in the workplace for over 20 years allows us to actively interact with employees during the training and provide insight into different ways to respond a various circumstances in order to minimize the risk of costly legal claims.  We conduct our trainings on-site to make it convenient for our clients.  Our trainings are structured to appeal to adult learners. From feedback received to date, these trainings provide a valuable insight into existing communications in the workplace and are allowing employers to proactively address problems that have been brewing without their knowledge and are creating time-wasting practices that reduce productivity and decrease morale.