The Law & Mediation Offices of Carolyn M. Laredo, PLLC is comprised of law, mediation professionals with complementary skill sets and shared values to ensure that your interests and requirements met and represented.


Carolyn Laredo

Mediator & Trainer
Carolyn Laredo is the owner of Law & Mediation, PLLC. Ms. Laredo obtained her Juris Doctorate from Brooklyn Law School and was admitted to practice law in New York 1995. She is an Administrative Law Judge, arbitrator, collaborative lawyer, and mediator as well as a trainer. Ms. Laredo engages in the practice of collaborative, civil and matrimonial law. By those who have worked with her it has been said that her ability to engage all parties and maintain their collaborative commitment to the process is among the best in the country.

James Bell

Mediator & Trainer
James Bell a graduate of Edinburgh University’s Murray House School of Education has held many contracts with both state and local government to participate in training and regeneration programs. He is a full time mediator who has been mediating internationally since the 1990’s, as well as being a mediator for Law & Mediation.
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