Review Consulting AttorneyAs a mediation-friendly reviewing attorney, Carolyn Laredo understands the value of mediation for her clients and can provide useful input to her client and to the mediator, keeping in mind the clients’ right of self-determination. In this instance the client enters into limited retainer agreement. The amount of the retainer varies depending upon the complexity of agreement, degree of feedback required and method to convey such feedback, amount of communication with client and mediator, among other considerations. 

General Procedure:

  1. Client shares goals, needs and interests
  2. Client provides a copy of the Agreement for review
  3. Meeting takes place to discuss feedback
  4. Client advises whether a summary of feedback should be drafted to take back with them to their mediator for discussions with their spouse. (Some clients prefer to take notes to minimize expense.)
  5. Client determines whether such changes are agreeable to pursue.
  6. Feedback from spouses’ review attorney are discussed
  7. Any changes mutually agreed upon between client and spouse are incorporated into draft by their mediator
  8. Client submits revised Agreement for final review


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