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About Us

Law & Mediation Offices of Carolyn M. Laredo, PLLC is situated in the lower Hudson Valley, Rockland County, hamlet of New City, New York, close to the Palisades Parkway and Interstate 87.

Ms. Laredo has been a mediator-attorney for almost 20 years, having personally handled in excess of 3,000 mediations in the New York Metro area and other locations nationally. Additionally, she serves as collaborative law attorney in divorce and civil cases. Moreover, she works as a review/consulting attorney.

Law & Mediation, PLLC, specializes in mediating all types of conflict as an alternative to costly, stressful and time-consuming litigation. Mediators, Carolyn Laredo and James Bell help disputing parties define issues and reduce obstacles in communication in order to create a customized agreement considering the interests of all involved parties and resolving conflicts at a fraction of the cost disputing parties could spend in litigation.  They are convinced that mediation provides individuals with a healthier and less adversarial approach to problem solving. Individuals will be able to learn how to use conflict as an opportunity for personal growth and to implement necessary changes in order to prevent similar conflicts from recurring in the future.

Ms. Laredo has a degree in law possessing the knowledge, experience, tenacity, and interpersonal skills as a mediator to bring even the most acrimonious disputes to resolution. She also has the unique ability to effectively manage mediations involving multiple parties with divergent interests. Mr. Bell is a graduate of Edinburgh Universities School of Education with the ability to practice transformative, evaluative and/or facilitative methods of mediation dependent on the needs and objectives of the parties.  He has gained a reputation for his determination and perseverance coupled with his listening skills and at times his frankness. Together, this co-mediation team’s enthusiasm and experience have created a firm with a reputation for honesty, dedication, and above all, a commitment to meet the needs of their clients.

Understanding how busy you are, Law & Mediation, PLLC makes scheduling easier by offering early morning, evening and weekend appointments. Mediation sessions may also take place via telephone conference call or internet video conferencing services.

Law & Mediation, PLLC assists parties in resolving their differences in the following practice areas which include: divorce, family disputes, business and commercial conflicts, contract disputes, disaster recovery claims, labor and employment disputes including civil rights claims involving Equal Employment Opportunity laws and Americans with Disabilities Act claims.

Law & Mediation custom tailors trainings for private and public businesses and organizations of all sizes utilizing a team of professionals who provide interactive trainings and seminars on topics such as mediation skills, sexual harassment, diversity, and team building including leadership development, having designed internal and external conflict resolution systems for private and governmental entities.