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Business Disputes

Owners of small or medium size businesses, just as large corporations, can run into conflict with neighboring businesses, employees, customers, vendors, or with their own business partners. However, unlike large corporations, small and medium businesses often lack the public relations, human resources, and legal departments to help deal with such a wide range of conflicts and or disputes.

“Business disputes” can include contract disputes, disputes related to business mergers and acquisitions, intra-business or partnership disputes, sales disputes, construction disputes, disputes between franchisers and franchisees of businesses and between manufacturers and manufacturer’s representatives or disputes over the rendering of professional or other services.

Mediating business disputes is traditionally less expensive and less time-consuming than litigation. Mediation has the added benefits of leaving control of the process with the parties, allowing them discuss their own interpretations and giving them freedom to fashion their own solutions, rather than leaving the interpretation, control and decision-making authority with a judge and jury. Mediation also provides an opportunity for business owners to resolve a dispute in a non-adversarial way so that valuable business relationships may continue with a deeper understanding.

The mediators at Law & Mediation assist disputing parties to clearly identify each of the parties’ interests and goals, while identifying the necessary information sharing to help reach resolution. Mediators facilitate discussions and give feedback to the parties on the legal and factual issues from a neutral perspective. Our mediators understand that each mediation is unique as each dispute has its own history or business relationship. It is with these considerations that mediation can be a fluid process where decisions and ideas are formulated as the mediation unfolds to help the parties reach an understanding and a memorialized agreement.