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Mediation in Estate Planning

Estate planning mediation allows participants to clarify, in a neutral and managed setting, the underlying needs, interests, and motivations of all parties when discussing estate planning issues.  The family meets with a mediator in a series of discussions which help address issues and put into place an estate plan and other understandings that will assist the family in dealing with the practical issues raised by the eventual deaths of family members.  The mediators from Law & Mediation, PLLC will work closely with attorneys, accountants and financial planners, as well as, if needed meeting with all members of the family including the elder generation and the adult children. Estate planning mediation can also be useful when estate planning for couples in second marriages, where there are children from the first marriages. Mediation can help accommodate the interest of the couple, their need for security, their contractual obligations from a previous marriage and their loyalty and allegiance to the children of their previous marriage.